Adding and removing users

You Only Pay for Active Users

Hourly accounts are only charged for currently active users, those people listed on the Active tab of the People page.

Accounts are not charged for anyone on the Archived page or anyone who has been deleted.

If you add or remove people during a billing cycle we pro-rata things. This means if you remove people you get a credit that is automatically applied to your next Hourly invoice and if you add people your account is charged for those you've added.


Bluesky consulting has 10 active people, on a monthly professional subscription which costs $10 per user per month.

Halfway through the month, 2 people are archived

Their Hourly account gets a credit of $10 (50% of one month's subscription fees for 2 users).

Later the same day they add a new starter.

Their account is charged $5 (50% of one month's subscription fees for 1 user).

Because Bluesky has a $10 credit. $5 comes off the credit and $5 remains available for the next payments.

At the start of the next month, they are charged $85 dollars ($90 for the 9 active users they have, less the $5 remaining credit from the prior month).

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