Slack integration overview

Hourly's integration with Slack brings many of Hourly's features to Slack via Hourly's chatbot.

Here's a break down of what you can do from Slack.

Log Time

Enter time after you've completed a task.

Use a Timer

Start and stop a timer to record how long you've worked on a task.

Find Missing or Incomplete Time Entries

See any time entries with missing or incomplete information.

Opt-in for Helpful Reminders

Hourly lets you know when you've got missing or incomplete time entries.

Tell Hourly When you're Not Working

Set yourself as away (sick, holiday or other) to stop reminders and alerts and make predictions more accurate.

Keep Track of Invoices

Get a break down of total billables to be invoiced, draft invoices, completed invoices as well as a short to Hourly's invoice page.

Other Features

  • Manage Expenses
  • Get a breakdown of your own hours
  • Get breakdown of hours by client, projects, people
  • Check if you have a timer running

Reauthorising your account Connect Hourly to Slack